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A Road Less Travelled

Katerina is a qualified and experienced Counsellor & Psychotherapist,  Reiki and Pranic Healer, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner. She has been practicing all that is existential, psychological and metaphysical for over 10 years. Her fascination of the connection between body, mind and spirit has brought her to combine the science based modern psychology with deeper ancient universal wisdom. 

Katerina's main focus is on understanding the root causes of the problem, inner blocks and life challenges through self discovery in each consultation. Bringing greater self awareness, empowerment and insight. As well as Personal and Spiritual Development.

Katerina currently works in Private Practice and as a provider for EAP, providing a holistic approach to therapy and self healing.

Personal Journey and Professional Process

By travelling and living in Nepal and India, allowed her to explore her sense of self and life purpose, and provided an opportunity to learn from great masters of meditation, yoga and healing in the traditions of Yoga, Vedanta/Advaita, Buddhism, Astrology and study of the Universe. 

Going through a personal journey provided her with direct experience and knowledge of what it takes to heal and transform. Katerina spent over 15 years searching for an understanding into human suffering and the various ways to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Modern psychology and ancient practices, have demonstrated different avenues for personal wellbeing and transformation. Building on existing strengths and moving towards a more harmonious self, has been a step towards realising the true potential of each person. Therefore,  Exploration of the Self and its immense healing capacity is the core of her practice. 

Katerina believes that the Authentic or True Self holds all the guidance, wisdom and understanding of the life journey. This includes emotional and mental blockages, physical illness, obstacles and difficulties in life, the path to contentment and transformation of pain and suffering, spiritual awareness and personal development.

The Self holds all the karmic insights. Some can manifest as obstacles and pain in relationships, career, physical and mental dis-ease, existential dissatisfaction and energetic blocks. These are commonly automatic and unconscious drives that are seeded deep within the psyche and are always seeking a way out for transformation and learning. Therefore providing channels for awareness and release, like Counselling, Mindfulness, Meditation & Reiki can assist the person in healing and the transformation process. 

Most recently her work involved consultations, counselling and coaching with corporate professionals, young professionals and entrepreneurs helping them to work through personal barriers in life in form of stress, relationships issues and career advancement through self empowerment, breaking down barriers standing in the way of success and fulfilment in life. Alongside,  therapeutic energy in work holistic private practice. Katerina has worked as a Carer Advisor, Youth and Family Counsellor in the community, with people  who have experienced complex trauma and issues in the family dynamics. This has lead her work closely with depression, anxiety and various trauma based issues.

Her counselling approach draws strongly from Existential Humanistic Therapy, which focuses on human condition, self awareness, choice and understanding of the inner conflicts and depth of self. You can find more information on this approach here. Other therapy techniques used are Psychodynamic techniques,  Cognitive Behavioural, Gestalt and Psychosomatic theories. As, well as integrating holistic methods including various aspects of the Self focusing on the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

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